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 Welcome to the Beanie Blog. We will observe and comment from time to time,on the oft-injured rookie rb for the Arizona  Cardinals.
 Yes, here you will read about the good, bad and ugly of Beanies 1st pro-season. Medical updates will be provided as needed to assist those who were clever enough to get Beanie in their fantasy draft.
 We really do wish Beanie well this year...If he can manage to stay on the field, he has a chance to become a very good rb.
Below is a thread dated 8/3/09

August 3, 2009 3:05 pm

A writer from WBUM reports that Beanie Wells injured his foot after tying the laces on his cleats to tight. When the trainer was asked how he would get the prized #1 draft pick and hope of the NFC Champion Cardinals running game ready for regular season action, he paused and stated that he was sure velcro and tape of the ankles would do the trick. No word on the alleged injury to Beanies finger after the same reporter witnessed Beanie's finger getting stuck untying his shoe ,splitting his fingernail.

Beanie gets his 1st taste of NFL action in 3rd pre-season game

1st preseason game stats   7 carries for 46 yrds, ave gain 4.2 long 20 and 2 td's......thats the Beanie we want to see
medical report to follow.....
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Posted on: June 24, 2009 8:07 pm

Red Sox Shortstop Impaled.......

Well not quite.....but if you were watching the Red Sox/nationals game(I know this wasn't exactly the game of the week),you would have seen a broken  bat go flying towards red sox ss Nick Green hitting him and sticking in the ground.  This started last year when players started using maple wood to get more juice in there bats. The wood is lighter so they can have a bigger bat with increased swing speed. Sounds good so far, doesn't it. Well the only problem is the bats splits and fly like a spear. You will see this on espn and other shows..Somebody's going to get seriously hurt. This could happen to a fan. Once again baseball won't act until they get sued or investigated.

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Posted on: March 25, 2009 1:19 pm

How about it CBS/AP

Or is he...... I am no fan of Terrell Owens....I really don't care for his selfish act. Having said that, where are the "reporters" / "writers" after they trashed him Monday for not reporting for the Bills voluntary workouts.Did they bother to ask why he wasn't there ? No they just made the leap it was T.O. being T.O. and went about trying to stir the pot. Did ESPN do research on the story....well, we come to find out

"The star receiver is in Washington, D.C., attending the sixth annual National Alzheimer's Gala. He'll receive the Alzheimer's Association's first Young Champions Award on Wednesday night for raising awareness in the fight against the disease. Owens' grandmother has Alzheimer's"

Maybe Owens has a point when he says that the media blows thing out of porpotion, that he feels that they are out to get him. Granted most of his wounds seem to be sefl-inflicted, however the media has an obligation to do there due dilligence when reporting any story.It is to Owens credit that he didn't pound his chest and say look at me for what was a very personel issue and something that he must feel strongly about. The "reporters" / "writers" owe him an apology and CBSSPORTSLINE should at least run the story on his involvement with the  Alzheimer's Association rather than keep the report of his missing a voluntary series of workouts. 

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Posted on: March 6, 2009 1:03 pm

Life without A-rod..............

The man the yankee fans love to hate....yankee fan gets reality therapy as the bommers try and fill the hole at 3rd. He needs to have surgery and get it fixed now..If he does he will be back after the all-star game. Otherwise he will try and play thru the injury, his numbers will suffer and he will get trashed by those loyal yankee fans, not to mention that he will aggravate the injury and be useless for the season....

Folks need to put the steriod thing aside...he's wasn't the only players using..and whether a player used or not, they knew what was happening and looked the other way. I actually don't having a problem with a player using steriods to heal from an injury.Both you and I can when we get injuried, it's a common medical practice.

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Posted on: May 13, 2008 2:41 pm


What did these tapes contain   ????....who was flashing who ????   did these signals alter the course of the game   ???? inquiring minds want to know  !!!!    here's the key to the spygate tapes..

The most scandalous part of the tapes shown had nothing to do with stealing signals - it was several minutes of close-ups of San Diego Chargers cheerleaders performing during a 2002 game.

I mean did the Chargers cheerleaders go all "the replacements" tease on the Patriots ?? this distraction legal according to NFL rules??? this an unfair competitive edge???.....can we sanction the chargers and make them forefit the use of cheerleaders


The most scandalous part of the tapes shown had nothing to do with stealing signals - it was several minutes of close-ups of San Diego Chargers cheerleaders performing during a 2002 game.

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Posted on: April 4, 2008 4:51 pm
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lets put the steriod thing to rest, we will never know who used and who did not...the hell with pointing fingers.....EVERYONE from the MLB exec's, MLB players union, Team Owners, Agents and Players all knew what was going on....they looked the other way..they all made money off of it.....the only fair way is to count all the stats.....if they make it to the hall of fame  put 2 ** next to their name and have a notation...played during the steriod era 1990-2005...and let history be the judge....if they were not using they knew who on their team was....your not going to make anybody believe you can't tell if your 185 lb teammate left in the fall and came back next spring at 225lbs, 2 hatsizes bigger, zits all over his back and his walnut sized nuts shrunk to the size of knew, you looked the other way,you all made money....and you all are guitly....   PLAY BALL....

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